Fishing Bait

Ice Point distributes a huge range of bait products to bait retailers and volume users. Our products include:

  • Burley Bombs (1.5kg, 3kg)
  • Pilchards (1Kg, 500g)
  • Anchovies (800g)
  • Baby Squid (500g, 1kg)
  • Bonito (400g)
  • Trevally (400g)
  • Salted Mackerel (750g)
  • Salted Mackerel, Bonito or Mullet (1kg)
  • Bonito, Trevally or Squid (320g)
  • Other bulk baits avaliable on demand:
    • Bullet Tuna 12kg
    • Loligo Squid 10kg
    • Chum Chum 12kg
    • Salmon Smolt 10kg
  • Salted Ice (3kg or Bulk)